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Zealand Health Manufacturing Limited (ZHM) is a contract manufacturer of natural health supplements including;
capsules, tablets, powders, herbs, gels, creams and liquids.

Whether you require contract packing of your own health product or want us to assist with any portion of the process from sourcing raw material, assisting with formulations, right through to a finished product, we are able to meet your requirements.

We have a HACCP based New Zealand Food Safety Plan registered with the Ministry of Primiary Industries. All products are manufactured in temperature and humidity controlled clean rooms. In house and external auditing ensures stringent quality control standards are maintained.

Our modern, well maintained machinery along with our experienced and qualified staff, ensure that your finished product is of the highest standard.


We offer a complete service including:

  • Identifying and assisting with product requirements
  • Formulation assistance
  • Packaging – sourcing and advice
  • Label advice, design assistance and sourcing
  • Blending and mixing
  • Product manufacture
  • Bottling and packaging
  • Tube filling and sealing
  • Label application and batch/date printing


Variety of capsules


Liquids and gels
Tube filling
Packaging and filling

Creams and gels

  • Manufacture runs from
  • 100 to 2,000+ containers
  • 5g to 200g pot sizes
  • Blending and mixing available,
  • up to 100kg
  • Silverson mixer
  • Heated Pressure Vessel

Soft Tubes

  • Runs from 100 - 2,000 tubes
  • 16mm, 35mm, 40mm
  • Single layer / 5 layer
  • Labelling tubes is also an option

Powders and herbs

  • Manufacture runs from
  • 250 to 2000+ containers
  • 30g to 1kg
  • Blending from 1kg to 250kg
  • Specialise in small batch runs

Packaging / labelling

  • In stock various packaging
  • Automatic or manual labelling
  • Inkjet printing
  • Stock and raw material control


  • Manufacture runs from 25,000 to 1,000,000+ capsules
  • Size 0 and 00
  • Small trial and manual capsulation runs also available
  • Capsulation of herbs, powders, vitamins and minerals
  • Gelatine, vegetarian and elongated capsules


  • Manufacture runs from 5000 to 1,000,000+ tablets
  • Various sizes and shapes; 8mm and 12.5mm round, 25mm oblong



Bosch capsulater
Clean room hallway
Sanitary conditions
Hunter filler
Silversen Mixer


Our systems and processes operate to HACCP standards and are certified by the Ministry of Primary Industries. In addition to this we are implementing GMP standards which ensures stringent quality standards are applied and maintained through the whole process. In-house audits are conducted to ensure the quality systems are maintained and external annual audits conducted to ensure compliance.

We have recently obtained GMP certificate for Cosmetics.

Products are manufactured in temperature, humidity and pressure controlled cleanrooms that ensures that the quality and integrity of the product is maintained from start to finish.

Purchasing of ingredients is only from suppliers that operate approved quality systems such as GMP, ISO and

HACCP to ensure only high-quality ingredients enter through our facility.

Staff are trained using Standard Operating Procedures to ensure they are fully competent in every aspect of the manufacturing environment.

As a client, our dedicated team will work closely with you to endeavour to provide the best quality product while providing any assistance you may need in identifying your requirements.


Our Team


Mike Coory


Deidre Kite


Scott Spicer


Louisa Smylie


Kristin O'Brien


Auto and semi auto capsule filing
Accurate documentation
Temperature and humidity control
Quality Control
Experienced staff


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